Chute and Launders

Stefmet Technologies have the capacity to design and fabricate chutes and launders to the client’s specifications as well as offer various wear liner options to optimize the material flow and wear life of the chutes and launders.


The Chute and launder wear lining options include:

  • DuratileAlumina Ceramic tiles from 6mm thick to 50mm thick depending on application
  • DuratileAlumina Ceramic and Steel Panels, bolt and and countersunk
  • Silicon Carbide tiles
  • Hardened Steel
  • Duraplastic UHMWPE and HDPE
  • Wear compound with ceramic beds and chips
  • Rubber Linings and rubber panels
  • Chromium Carbide overlay wear Panels


Stefmet Technologies also pre-cut and supply wear liners for existing chutes and launders using the preferred wear liner options. Any wear liner options not shown can be sourced according to the client’s requirements.

Pulley Lagging

Stefmet Technologies offer various Pulley Lagging types. These are:

Direct Bonded pulley lagging:

  • 6mm thick or 12mm thick tiles are used which are direct bonded to the pulley using Stefmet’s Durabond Hi-Bond epoxy. These tiles are directly bonded to the pulley and will outlast rubber lagged pulleys by a factor of 5 times.
  • Ceramic lagging for drive pulleys has dimpled tiles for improved grip and to reduce belt slippage
  • Water dispersing channels are also added to ensure less belt slippage
  • Tail pulley lagging applications make use of a plain ceramic tile


Rubber pulley lagging is also offered to suit customer requirements.

Pipe Fabrication

Stefmet Technologies specialize in Pipework manufacture and wear resistant linings to suit our client’s operational needs. Stefmet Technologies also refurbishes existing pipework to client’s specifications

Stefmet Technologies offer a wide variety of wear resistant pipe linings to offer the most effective solution whatever the application, including:

  • Alumina Ceramic pipe tiles from 6mm thick to 50mm thick depending on application. These tiles are beveled to offer improved wear life.
  • Alumina Ceramic pipe cylinders where superior wear life is critical
  • Silicon Carbide pipe tiles and cylinders
  • Wear compound with ceramic beds and chips
  • Durashore 40 and 60 rubber lining with various thicknesses


Wear compound and tile adhesive

Stefmet Technologies offer a wide variety of high quality, reliable and strong Durabond tile adhesive epoxies and wear compounds.



DuraBond SS (Epoxy TA)                             Solidbond SS                      15L

(Standard tile epoxy for use with

Duratile alumina ceramic tiles)


DuraBond SSB (Epoxy FR961B)                      Solidbond SSB                    30L

DuraBond HW200 (W/C = Red)                     Solidwear HP200               12Kg, 30Kg.

DuraBond HW101 (W/C  1013 = Black)         Solidwear HP101               8.5Kg.

DuraBond FS                                                   Solidbond SSB-FS             4.8Kg

DurBbond Hi Bond (pulley lagging)


Wear compounds and tile adhesive epoxy


Wear compound

Stef-wear 65 HWL

Duraback                                                            Solidback ST                       10Kg

Durawear Max                                                                                                10Kg


DuraWear wear compound


Durawear is a wear compound with ceramic beads that is fast setting and ideal for hard to reach wear areas as well as repairs to wear areas during maintenance shuts. The fast set properties allow the plant to be started up sooner.