Time will always be of the essence when saving human life. Emergency Voice Alarm Communication systems (EVAC) are one of the components designed for buildings and public areas to do just that in the case of an emergency.

Making use of audible and visual warnings you can address any person to keep clear and evacuate the danger area.

Companies are required by law to have an emergency evacuation plan in case such an event may occur, but may be considered of no use unless workers are aware of the danger. Making use of EVAC systems will eliminate this situation. Fire detection systems can activate EVAC systems when incorporated together which is an approved/recommended method. When EVAC systems are activated, warnings are sent out through audio and visual indicator devices as per the design to ensure all areas are covered where persons are situated.

EVAC systems can also be used to address any workplace or public area in case of an emergency. Pre-recorded voice warnings can be programmed for use as well as and public announcements.


System Types:

The systems we supply and install are all approved quality products:

  • Bosch
  • Toa
  • Honeywell
  • Wild & Marr


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