Stefmet Technologies are the sole agent for Res-Q pipe repair bandage.

Res-Q pipe repair bandage is a fast and simple way to temporarily repair damaged and leaking pipes. Res-Q pipe repair bandage can be used within the mining, marine, industrial and domestic sectors.

The pipe repair bandage is easy to apply and requires no specialized skills and cures with 30mins, ready for restart. The bandage is submersed in clean water for 10 seconds and then removed and wrapped around the pipe where needed.

  • Fast, effective in-situ pipe repairs
  • Real cost savings on plant maintenance downtime
  • No special tools required
  • No specialised skills required
  • High Chemical resistance
  • High pressure rating
  • Repairs to most pipe materials
  • Safe for drinking water lines

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Gearbox Refurbishment

Stefmet technologies have in-house steel design and fabrication capabilities from small to medium engineering requirements. Stefmet Technologies can fabricateand line chutes,pipework,and launders,to deliver the excellent quality, service, and reliability that customers expect.

Dura Screen

Dura Screen

Stefmet Technologies offer injection moulded polyurethane screen panels as well as injection moulded and compression moulded rubber screen panels to suit your process requirements.


The Durascreen panel features:

  • Cost effective
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Superior open area
  • Excellent reinforcement
  • Quality moulded to ensure accurate hole sizing and consistent performance
  • Aperture moulded at an angle to increase throughput
  • Standard fittings to ensure seamless integration into existing screens
  • Improved de-watering and media recovery


TPU and Rubber panel specifications:

  Polyurethane Panels Rubber Panels
Thickness (mm) 31,35,40,50 31, 35, 40, 50, 70
Size (mm) 300,305 300, 305
Aperture Size (mm) 0.3 – 80 0.3 – 100
Hole Type Square, slotted, VR, VP, Oval, round Square, slotted, VR, VP, Oval, round
Shore Hardness 87 (TPU) 85 (Anti Bac) 60 (SP) 40, 60
Pin Fixing Type PNN, Round P&S, H-Pin Square, slotted, VR, VP, Oval, Round
Pin Fixings 4 & 6 4
L-Shape Yes Yes
Carrier Bars Yes Yes
Flow restrictor/Deflector Yes Yes


Cast and Extruded Polyurethane

  • Extruded sheets
  • Wire inserts
  • Multi coloured sheets for wear rate detection
  • Rubber backed PU liners


Rubber Compression products:

  • Grizzly scalping panels Max 1100 x 1400 x <100mm thick
  • Side Liners: 1220 long (20mm, 25mm, 30mm thick)
  • Metal backed liners

CrC Load Bin

Duramax CrC Wear Liner Plate is a product of Stefmet technologies in South Africa and is solely distributed through Stefmet Technologies
Full technical support will be available from both Stefmet Technologies as required.

Duramax CrC wear plate is ideal for the following applications where moderate to high impact and superior wear resistance is required:

• Dump Truck Load Bins
• Shovel faces
• Load Buckets

Stefmet Supply Technique:
• Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Hard Facing with hardness of (HRC 58-65) depending on overlay thickness.
• Penetration typically 0.9mm – 1.7mm onto a high-grade mild steel base, resulting in a well bonded CrC overlay deposit to form the CrC overlay sheet.
• Fusion (welding) takes place under thick flux cover, eliminating oxide formation and gas pick-up.
• The process ensures an even and smooth surface using zig-zag weave beads motion with weld passes of approximately 25mm – 37mm in width.
• Surface cracking common on CrC is due to mismatch of coefficient of thermal expansion between 2 phases (base and overlay).
• CrC plate offers good strength, high hardness, and oxidation- & corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures ± 600°C.

• Cr: 27-37%; C: 3.5-5%; Mn:0.8-1.1%; Mo: 0.08-0.18%; Ni: 0.08-01.15% + additional micro filler elements (Typically Fe, etc.)
• Welding (Wear Surface / Overlay) – AWS: E FeCr-A1 Electrode
• Welding (Backing Plate / Fixing) – General Purpose Electrodes, i.e. E6013; E7018; MIG/C02
• Weldable thickness: 3mm – 40mm
• Specific Gravity (AVG) – 7,9

Typical sizes available: