Stefmet Technologies offer a wide variety of high quality, reliable and strong Durabond tile adhesive epoxies and wear compounds.



DuraBond SS (Epoxy TA)                             Solidbond SS                      15L

(Standard tile epoxy for use with

Duratile alumina ceramic tiles)


DuraBond SSB (Epoxy FR961B)                      Solidbond SSB                    30L

DuraBond HW200 (W/C = Red)                     Solidwear HP200               12Kg, 30Kg.

DuraBond HW101 (W/C  1013 = Black)         Solidwear HP101               8.5Kg.

DuraBond FS                                                   Solidbond SSB-FS             4.8Kg

DurBbond Hi Bond (pulley lagging)


Wear compounds and tile adhesive epoxy


Wear compound

Stef-wear 65 HWL

Duraback                                                            Solidback ST                       10Kg

Durawear Max                                                                                                10Kg


DuraWear wear compound


Durawear is a wear compound with ceramic beads that is fast setting and ideal for hard to reach wear areas as well as repairs to wear areas during maintenance shuts. The fast set properties allow the plant to be started up sooner.

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