Chute and Launders

Stefmet Technologies have the capacity to design and fabricate chutes and launders to the client’s specifications as well as offer various wear liner options to optimize the material flow and wear life of the chutes and launders.


The Chute and launder wear lining options include:

  • DuratileAlumina Ceramic tiles from 6mm thick to 50mm thick depending on application
  • DuratileAlumina Ceramic and Steel Panels, bolt and and countersunk
  • Silicon Carbide tiles
  • Hardened Steel
  • Duraplastic UHMWPE and HDPE
  • Wear compound with ceramic beds and chips
  • Rubber Linings and rubber panels
  • Chromium Carbide overlay wear Panels


Stefmet Technologies also pre-cut and supply wear liners for existing chutes and launders using the preferred wear liner options. Any wear liner options not shown can be sourced according to the client’s requirements.


Stefmet Technologies offer the Duratile range of alumina oxide tiles for high wear applications on processing plants with a minimum alumina content of 92%. Duratiles are available from 6mm thick to 50mm thick depending on the application required and can also be pre-engineered for more complex designs to give the most effective wear life under rigorous conditions.

CrC Load Bin

Duramax CrC Wear Liner Plate is a product of Stefmet technologies in South Africa and is solely distributed through Stefmet Technologies
Full technical support will be available from both Stefmet Technologies as required.

Duramax CrC wear plate is ideal for the following applications where moderate to high impact and superior wear resistance is required:

• Dump Truck Load Bins
• Shovel faces
• Load Buckets

Stefmet Supply Technique:
• Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Hard Facing with hardness of (HRC 58-65) depending on overlay thickness.
• Penetration typically 0.9mm – 1.7mm onto a high-grade mild steel base, resulting in a well bonded CrC overlay deposit to form the CrC overlay sheet.
• Fusion (welding) takes place under thick flux cover, eliminating oxide formation and gas pick-up.
• The process ensures an even and smooth surface using zig-zag weave beads motion with weld passes of approximately 25mm – 37mm in width.
• Surface cracking common on CrC is due to mismatch of coefficient of thermal expansion between 2 phases (base and overlay).
• CrC plate offers good strength, high hardness, and oxidation- & corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures ± 600°C.

• Cr: 27-37%; C: 3.5-5%; Mn:0.8-1.1%; Mo: 0.08-0.18%; Ni: 0.08-01.15% + additional micro filler elements (Typically Fe, etc.)
• Welding (Wear Surface / Overlay) – AWS: E FeCr-A1 Electrode
• Welding (Backing Plate / Fixing) – General Purpose Electrodes, i.e. E6013; E7018; MIG/C02
• Weldable thickness: 3mm – 40mm
• Specific Gravity (AVG) – 7,9

Typical sizes available:

Wear compound and tile adhesive

Stefmet Technologies offer a wide variety of high quality, reliable and strong Durabond tile adhesive epoxies and wear compounds.



DuraBond SS (Epoxy TA)                             Solidbond SS                      15L

(Standard tile epoxy for use with

Duratile alumina ceramic tiles)


DuraBond SSB (Epoxy FR961B)                      Solidbond SSB                    30L

DuraBond HW200 (W/C = Red)                     Solidwear HP200               12Kg, 30Kg.

DuraBond HW101 (W/C  1013 = Black)         Solidwear HP101               8.5Kg.

DuraBond FS                                                   Solidbond SSB-FS             4.8Kg

DurBbond Hi Bond (pulley lagging)


Wear compounds and tile adhesive epoxy


Wear compound

Stef-wear 65 HWL

Duraback                                                            Solidback ST                       10Kg

Durawear Max                                                                                                10Kg


DuraWear wear compound


Durawear is a wear compound with ceramic beads that is fast setting and ideal for hard to reach wear areas as well as repairs to wear areas during maintenance shuts. The fast set properties allow the plant to be started up sooner.

Basalt Lining (Cast)

Stefmet Technologies offer basalt as a wear protection solution for medium, less aggressive applications. Basalt is available in tiles as well as cylinders for pipe lining and is particularly effective in PF pipe work in coal power generation industries